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Through mixing different technologies and solutions, we aim at improving the reading experience of people all over the World. We aspire to create new publishing models that let traditions and innovations enriching one-another.


We develop integrated solutions for the publishing sector to meet the need of our customers by combining digital publications and paper books to convey any contents the reader would enjoy more.


We create customized solutions to respond to our customers’ publishing needs. We offer unlimited possibility of integrating means and tools to reach your audience and to provide it innovative, and engaging ways to read any book you want.

How we work

Starting from your desires, Towel Publishing creates solutions that make you really experience what a digital book is. You only need to choose the kind of product you want, Towel Publishing will make it work on any devices, and you will quickly get your tailored book.

1 - Listening to customer needs

Listening to customers is a fundamental activity for us. Talking together to understand your needs and to design a product that meets your expectations is the first step to create your publication. Thanks to its valuable know-how, Towel Publishing designs its products according to the objectives you want to reach and supports you to better develop both the contents and the structure of your unique and long-lasting publications.

2 - Collection of materials

Towel Publishing creates your book starting from the contents you already have. First, Towel helps its clients to evaluate the existing material and to understand if it needs to be integrated in any way. If you want to create further digital contents to be included in the book, Towel Publishing can develop the best multimedia, graphic and editorial contents, anywere and quickly, through its partners.

3 - Creation of the book

After collecting all the contents, the production process starts. The creation of the book is made by our highly skilled team and we support you to distribute the publication through the most important international stores.


Leonello Trivelli

Business development

MSc in Strategy and Business Administration, Leonello Trivelli is a research fellow at the Department of Business Administration of the University of Pisa within the research project "IoTPrise - Technology transfer and new ventures creation".

Claudio Benedetti

Art Direction

As Site Manager of iTunesU of the University of Pisa, recognised by Apple as “Success Lighthouse”, Claudio Benedetti works at University video promotion and multimedia aspects of teaching. He has taken part in numerous research projects and publications on history, geography and digital humanities.

Gabriele Doro

IT Development

Gabriele Doro, BSc in Digital Humanities, collaborates with the Digital Culture Lab of the University of Pisa, taking care of digital publishing activities. Through both producing digital publications and holding training courses he developed specialized know-how on e-book creation.

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